At Murra-Gahn we strive to provide a professional service while building a positive foundation within the security industry for our current and future employees.

What does ‘Murra-Gahn’ mean?

Murra-Gahn is derived from the Aboriginal language of the Bundjalung people of Australia, who come from a small area along the North Coast of New South Wales meaning ‘Clever Man’.

The Murra-Gahn was chosen by his elders who taught him sacred traditions and cultural knowledge. He was the one entrusted to protect his family, community and survival of his culture. It was an honour and great privilege.

At Murra-Gahn we aim to instil pride into all people that we gather with sharing a yarn from time to time and for a greater understanding for all people.

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What does the ‘Murra-Gahn’ symbol mean?

• The centre circle means CLEVER MAN
• The next circle from the centre means FAMILY
• The third circle means COMMUNITY
• The U Shape meaning people, guest the WIDER COMMUNITY
• When all the symbols are combined it means:

A safe place for our families, friends and wider community to gather

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