Consultancy Services

Reddawn consultants are professionals with a rare combination of extensive experience and examined based knowledge in their specific areas of expertise.

Our services provide new and existing clients with a balanced approach, which is both cost effective and relevant to the potential significant risks. Our consultants are well versed with mass crowd gatherings, and have provided ongoing crowd safety and security solutions to stadium selling touring artistes, corporations and promoters worldwide.

Reddawn are delighted to have accumulated recognised experts as exclusive consultants to Reddawn throughout Australasia. This exclusivity endorses the very ethos for what Reddawns values where we strive to provide our existing, and new clients, with the very best service to ensure the safety of those attending, performing and working at their event is not compromised.

Exclusivity is a notable reinforcement that Reddawn are a company which are the unrivalled Australasian market leaders in the field of crowd safety management expertise and practical knowledge as the preferred partner of choice.

The Consultants

Crowd Dynamics

Crowd Dynamics is a specialist consultancy uniquely positioned to support clients who need the safe and efficient movement of people in built and complex environments.

Their experience covers pedestrian flow and the movement of people on all transport modes.  Crowd Dynamics are experts in developing movement strategies for large areas, city centres, terminals etc. and in deploying street space to make optimum use of space for both people and vehicles.

The company is advising on some of the worlds most complex and prestigious projects and have contributed to crowd movement strategies and management plans for many high profile events.

Crowd Dynamics support government level educational and training programmes in the understanding and application of Crowd Dynamics and supply a range of modeling tools.

ReddawnConsultancy Services