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Reddawn consultants are professionals with a rare combination of extensive experience and examined based knowledge in their specific areas of expertise.

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Close Protection

Reddawn offer a variety of high quality close protection services to ensure the personal security of executives, business people, celebrities and other VIP’s in a range of environments.

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Asset Security

Reddawn provides personalised solutions to physically protect valuable assets such as property, historical places of national significance and belongings.

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Event Security

Reddawn’s’ licensed security operatives are experienced and proficient in crowd control operations, having met stringent regulatory and in-house training requirements.

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RSA Monitors

Our RSA Monitors meet the original intent of this significant initiative, in relation to the training and application of the role.

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Event Personnel

Reddawn event personnel perform an intrinsic role in the running of many events, be it sporting, musical or other mass crowd gatherings.

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Labour Hire

Reddawn labour hire serves to assist site management with the deployment of competent crews who have completed task relevant WHS training.

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Safety Officers

Having identified the importance of safety in every workplace environment, Reddawn can provide on-site safety management and/or support.

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